The Pagan Hierarchy

Version 5

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This grew out of Lore Fitzgerald Sjöberg's original Geek Hierarchy. There's also a simplified version.

I used Omnigraffle.

Frequently Asked Questions, &c.

  1. I'm in several boxes.

    Yes, most people are. Who you get to look down on depends on which hat you're wearing.

  2. How come group X looks down on group Y when you have to be in X first before you can get into Y?

    Because there is such a thing as being too involved in something.

  3. Some groups are not pagan.

    That's correct. Some of the boxes are there for context.

  4. How come I'm down at the bottom of the hierarchy?

    It might be because society despises you which fact I am merely observing (e.g., Otherkin), or it may be because I, personally, despise you (e.g. white people who claim to be reincarnated American Indian priestesses) and society ought to despise you.

  5. So this is a reflection of your own prejudice?

    Of course not. The entire chart was personally dictated to me by the Goddess. Duh.

  6. Can I print it in my magazine?


Ashley Yakeley