The Seattle Pagan Mailing List

The SeaPagan list is for the discussion of issues and items of interest to pagans living in Seattle in particular and Western Washington State in general. We welcome all who self-identify themselves as "pagans" or "neo-pagans" as well as those interested in neo-paganism and neo-pagan religions. Topics relating to paganism in all its forms, especially those of a local regional focus, are the focus of the list. Occasional off-topic forays are allowed but we try to keep things on topic. The list also receives automated notices of local pagan events from this website.

The list has been running since 1997 and now has around 275 subscribers, and is more or less the main forum for general pagan-related discussion for the area. Subscribe here, or if you're already a member (and you remember your list password), you can see the archives. Traffic is "episodic", and varies from zero to about forty messages per day.

Today's random magickal title:

Sublime Pontiff of Aphrodite

Ashley Yakeley